Stretching, pilates, yoga & what is going on with the world?

What is happening in the world right now? Are we living in a movie?

Now the majority of us are stuck at home, the boredom can really begin to kick in. You and your family might start treading on each others toes causing arguments and tension. However ,you should take this time to take care of yourself when your health is so vital right now. Taking a few moments everyday to stretch will not only take time out of those very long days but your body will thank you later .

Stretching will help with:

-calming and relaxing your mind and body, a great stress relief

-increase flexibility and range of motion

-boost blood flow and circulation

-enhance mood and well being, improving mental wellbeing

-balance and align the body

Stretching helps to keep muscles flexible, strong and healthy. By regularly stretching it will maintain the range of motion within your joints and muscles. If you do not stretch this can lead to your muscles shortening and becoming tight. So when you try to complete exercise or an activity, the muscles will be weak with a decreased range of motion.

This doesn't have to just be stretching, you can do yoga and pilates. However these will also strengthen and tone your muscles. Youtube and google are filled will tons of guides and classes.

Most importantly in this time, stay safe everyone...

Please all follow the government and NHS guidelines...

Your health is the upmost importance...

Until next time,


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