Hygiene at HB massage

Importance of hygiene:

In light of the current situation, I would like to ask costumers who have not been feeling themselves or under the weather recently to refrain from booking until you feel well. If you have made an appointment and feel unwell then we can rearrange to a further date.

I throughly wash my hands for over 20 seconds multiple times a day. I clean my bed, my hands and any equipment used after every massage. Even at home I clean deeply and regularly to reduce the risk of me and my loved ones getting ill.

However, in these times positivity is key!!!!!

You can't let times like now bring you down and ruin you dreams and dedications.

The safety of the people around me. Me, my family and my costumers are the most important to me and that is why I ask this of you. The risk of spreading this virus is high and that is why my cleaning routine is so strict and may take a while before and after appointments. But this will not take time out of your massage! Respect of others does not cost anything!

If you would like to book a massage or if you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to message me! Always happy to help!




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