Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a technique called self-myofascial release. This technique can help with relieving muscles from tightness, soreness and increasing your range of motion. As well as it can help with inflammation. A foam roller is an amazing tool to have during a warm up and cool down (before and after exercise).

However, this technique can also irritate or increase an injury further if not done correctly. If you have an currently, previously or have suspicions of having one but not sure please follow or get medical advice.

Foam rolling is a good enough alternative if you cannot find time for a massage. Just like a massage, a foam roller will break down muscles and release toxins into the body. A foam roller helps the body along with flushing out the toxins from your body.

Bad blood flow and knots within a muscle will reduce the amount of calories burnt. Including a foam roller in your workout will help increase the chance of burning more fat.

Foam rolling can help reduce cellulite as it improves lymphatic drainage like a massage. Foam rolling can help with rolling out skin tissues, this is where cellulite dimples sit.

If you are injured or suspect an injury please gain medical advice.

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